Remember, Regenerate, Recreate

Free your physiology to shift and support your emotional and spiritual growth by creating a container that can support evolution and involution.

Re-awakening Your Body’s Innate Intelligence and Integrating Your Soul

Your Spine is Your Brain/Body Switchboard Your Atlas is the Gateway

Chances are, if you are reading this, your mind is already awake, it is your body that needs to catch up. While your consciousness is learning and growing, the body is your compass, holds your pain and keeps your secrets so it takes a longer time to process experiences.

I believe Soul Song Integration gives your body amazing tools to gently catch up, no adjustments or manipulations. Just an invitation and information so your body can access and utilize forgotten, innate self-healing wisdom and abilities.

Atlas and Body Balancing is the first phase. It is a new paradigm in Holistic Healing for humans and animals offering both immediate and life-long results.

This method works with the human voice and vibrational energy medicine in the form of vocal “sound codes” and light therapeutic touch to the spine and supporting structures, and has far-reaching effects on all levels of mind, body, and spirit.

In 1988 Rene Schujmperli, from Germany, published his findings that humans and most other mammals are born with the Atlas rotated and tilted at a profound angle and is further compromised by past physical traumas. This contributes to a wide variety of health issues and chronic pain due to blocked two-way brain/body communication.

In the second phase, a light quantum touch is used to specific points in the piezoelectric connective tissue along the spine.

This awakens an emergent respiratory body/mind wave network which dissipates stored and trapped tension and increases flexibility in the spine and nervous system. Energy and oxygen are sent to every part of the body, but more importantly to the prefrontal cortex, the most recently evolved part of our brain.

sound code healingOnce the PFC is energized, the breath begins to expand and deepen, engaging intrinsic undulating muscles along the spine due to the movement of water, and dissipates stress and resistance (feels like an internal massage) creating more expansion.

This gets you out of your conscious mind and helps you listen to your body. Verticle alignment to flow is more easily achieved in all areas of your life as your body develops strategies to heal.

The Universe was created with a sound, the breath is life, love, and consciousness, all in consciousness is a code.