Remember, Regenerate, Recreate

About Lynne

Lynn Colpoys - Energy Healing in the Asheville area

In March of 2017, I realized my life-long dream of experiencing Egypt. While the group was doing a camel ride at the Sphinx after a sunrise at the Spring Equinox (Wow!!), I noticed a very dispirited horse leading the pack and asked if I could ride along with him (so I could do sound code/reiki work on him). He absolutely loved it! As an added note, I do not typically sit on horses while I work on them, but decided to improvise in this case.

I am an intuitive “Empath”, M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology, Reiki Master, Atlas/Body Balance Sound code practitioner for humans and animals, Higher Brain Living Trained Master Facilitator, developer of Soul Song Integration, and mom to two awesome people. I have the skills and experience to offer you a compassionate, safe, gentle place for you to reconnect with your body, soul, and spirit so you can live a fuller, more authentic life. After many years of studying, experiencing, contemplation, healing, workshops, and training, I have taken what I have found to be the most transformative, loving and effective aspects of what I’ve learned and created Soul Song Integration. I help you inhabit, listen to and befriend your body, and help the body remember how to feel, heal and breathe deeply. Stress, resistance and old limiting beliefs are also liberated creating an integration of ego and a clearer channel to your higher self. I believe you can transcend by transforming, but you cannot transform by transcending. It’s an inside job.

My intention and mission are to become as whole as I can and help others to do the same. This is my life’s work as I rejoice in a celebration of hope and of the Divine potential of all people. We are all so much more…

sound code healing with Atlas and Body Balancing