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Atlas Balancing for Pets
and Horses

energy healing for petsOur animal friends can also be greatly supported on their path to balanced health and wellbeing. It has been found that the torqued Atlas also exists in most domesticated and wild animals.

Symptoms in Animals A misaligned Atlas may contribute to various physical complains and diseases as well as instability in the animal’s body. The body will continually compensate for this torque, creating asymmetrical tension and strain on joints, muscles, and nerves that then causes a twisting of the neck, lower spine, and pelvis.

With this imbalance, the animal can develop difficulties with walking and flexibility, as well as show behavioral signs such as irritability, restlessness, indigestion, stiffness, resistance, tail imbalances and more. If the animal has an injury, these conditions can worsen.

This “natural crookedness” is a familiar challenge to animal trainers, often showing up as a tendency for a dog’s back legs to track to the left of center, or a horse’s gait to favor one side and a stiffness that prevents the head and body from turning easily. Many animals with this condition require daily re-training, or else the crookedness and stiffness reappear.

With only sound codes and light therapeutic touch, the Atlas in invited to shift permanently into its natural centered position. During and after the session, the entire body undergoes an organic step-by-step self-healing process as inner and outer tensions begin to unwind throughout the whole system.

Immediately after their session, you will see a new balance in the hips and a perk in the gait. Lethargic animals can become more vivacious while restless, hyperactive animals become naturally calmer. Even traumas and old injuries can be shaken off and released.

When both horse and rider have received this work, they can move together with greater ease and flexibility. The rider is able to sit more deeply centered and balanced in the saddle, causing less strain on the horse.

HORSES: Difficulty turning head; shoulder lameness; swan, ewe or low-set neck; tension; stiffness and sensitivity in neck and back; higher in croup than wither; skewed Tai; resistance to bending laterally; saddle shyness; bucking; rearing; coughing; skewed hind tracking; rhythm faults in gaits; restlessness; digestive problems; easily spooked; emotional difficulties.

“It is astounding to see that animals are very ready to be treated like this. It is clearly seen and very touching to observe that after having communicated what has been done for them, the next one will willingly come and hold its head in readiness to be treated as well.”

German horse trainer

DOGS: Head turned to right; tension and stiffness in the neck, head, back hips, and sacrum; unbalanced gain and tracking; head/spine/tail are unaligned; claws wore down unevenly; digestive problems; lack of vitality and playfulness; allergies; restlessness; nervousness, abnormal behavior.

CATS: Restlessness, stiffness, touch sensitivity, bladder stones, abnormal behavior and more…

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