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Consciousness is here to learn and grow but it needs the body to experience though. The body is the one with the growing pains and needs more time to process.  Energetically you know who you are, all you’ve been, where you are going and how to get there. However, on Earth, you have to FEEL your way along and treat your body with the love, gratitude, respect, and compassion it deserves…OR ELSE.  Shaming,  criticizing,  abandoning or ignoring it by giving it the silent treatment will only cause the body to contract rather than expand.

Your body is your vehicle, compass, loyal traveling companion, and best friend.  It holds your pain, keeps your secrets and is completely honest with you. You need to be patient and give your body the tools and time to integrate and heal. I believe the Soul Song Integration technique is an amazing tool to invite and assist your body to do just that.

Your spine is the body’s switchboard for your brain and body.  It houses your central nervous system, maintains the balance between the ascending yin and descending yang currents and lends skeletal support to your core, or your sacred spine (which is the establishment of Source within you.) All of these aspects are addressed and integrated during the Soul Song sessions.

Wow! The distance work is amazing too! My awareness is expanded in stillness, my mind is clearer and more focused, and I am experiencing a greater ease and joy in living. There is less pain, and my body continues to heal in strength and stamina. My knee is markedly better! What a gift! I am excited to see what else unfolds

Betsy from Canton, NY

Soul Song Integration is a two part process.

In phase one, Atlas Balance, vibrational energy frequencies of ancient vocal sound codes are sung directly to the spine and supporting structures.

By decoding and utilizing this information, your body is able to access innate wisdom that it lost track of, allowing it to organically correct the Atlas and rebalance supporting structures. Everything in consciousness is a code.

atlas adjustmentThe Atlas is the first vertebra of the spine and gateway for the brain and nervous system to send and receive messages and is important for the optimal functioning of all systems. If the Atlas is unbalanced, the body will continually compensate for this torque, creating asymmetrical strain and tension on joints, muscles, and nerves that then causes a twisting of the neck, lower spine, and pelvis. Sound codes work at the root level of cause and create a clear, flexible channel in the CNS by increasing flow and releasing tension, old blockages, traumas and limiting beliefs. The new stable position of the Atlas allows the rest of the body to begin to unwind systematically from the top down.

This spontaneous self-healing process happens spontaneously and cannot be predicted in any specific form or time frame.

History: In the 1988 Rene Schumperli, from Germany, published his findings that humans and most other mammals are born with the Atlas rotated and tilted at a profound angle. In many people, the alignment of the Atlas has been further compromised by past trauma. Schumperli found that this misalignment contributes to a wide variety of health issues and diseases. To correct this situation he developed a technique he called Atlas Profilax. After working with him for six years, Elisabeth Westermann from Germany was guided to create Atlas Balancing, a gentle healing paradigm in which the body is invited to correct the position of the Atlas with sound codes rather than an imposing vibrational machine.

Some physical benefits: Atlas Balancing has been reported to relieve many chronic imbalances and pain-related conditions concerning the neck, back, jaws, knees, hips, migraines, vision, dizziness, autoimmune, psychological and ADHD. Aligning the Atlas relieves Vegas nerve constriction which involves the parasympathetic nervous systems interface with the heart, lungs and digestive system. It also helps body and energy system cope more easily with the transformational, evolutionary process as we upgrade our human experience through creating a clearer vertical channel.

The Vagus NerveThe next session is Body Balance and addresses the areas of the Coccyx and the Xiphoid. These two bones are very important in maintaining the equilibrium and stability of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

In most people, the coccyx (tailbone) is either turned, twisted, bent or broken. Through the sound codes, the body recovers the information it needs to achieve and maintain the optimal position of the coccyx. After the session, people often feel more grounded and experience a more profound connection to the earth.

The Xiphoid and the area of the tenth through twelfth thoracic vertebrae are also addressed. This focal point, which is often out of balance and under tension, affects crucial aspects of our horizontal alignment. This can be expressed as kyphosis, scoliosis, humpback, flat back, and funnel chest, so this region is released as well.

Reported effects on Emotional and Mental levels: Old traumas are released, depression and fear are eased, positive attitude, connection, innate abilities, and gifts begin to unfold effortlessly.

Effects on Energetic Level: As the main blockages in the cerebrospinal system are released, the “life force” energy rising up the spine flows in a more harmonious and effective manner. Deep feelings of oneness, connection, inner peace, love, and tranquility may be experienced during and immediately after the session. These may take root and become a natural part of your daily experience.

Atlas Balancing is completely safe; it does not involve physical diagnosis, and there are no physical manipulations or adjustments. We are working with energetic and spiritual healing. Testimonials from around the world show that many long-term symptoms can sometimes clear after only one session.

The Atlas/Body Balance is a great technique alone, but I strongly encourage you to consider adding the second, most powerful technique. In phase two, a light quantum touch is used to specific points in the piezoelectric connective tissue along the spine.

This awakens an emergent respiratory body/mind wave network which dissipates stored and trapped tension and increases flexibility in the spine and nervous system. (First discovered by Donald Epstein of Network Chiropractic and later simplified by Dr. Michael Cotton of Higher Brain Living) Energy and oxygen are sent to every part of the body, but more importantly to the prefrontal cortex, the most recently evolved part of our brain. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief refers to the prefrontal cortex as a “self-reflective sense organ where our higher self, potential and higher capabilities of joy, clarity, and empowerment reside”. Once the PFC is energized, the breath begins to expand unleashing a spontaneous, intrinsic hydraulic system which undulates muscles along the spine through the movement of fluid and helps loosen internal clenching (feels like an internal massage) creating expansion. This gets you out your conscious mind and helps you listen to your body as a powerful and holy being as your higher mind expands possibilities and your body develops strategies to heal and find your sacred spine/Divine nature. The verticle alignment to flow is more easily achieved in all areas of your life so your decisions will be more in harmony with your true nature as you move old energies out and the light in. Your physiology actually becomes more bioavailable to other healing modalities and less resistant to life and change.

Integration is all about Breath and self-love. All movement originates with the breath and is enhanced by the movement of the breath. Breath knows what to do, and is an invitation to explore a greater intelligence, the truth of the body. The key is slowing down, relaxing, deepening and becoming the breath. It is hard to change our thoughts without changing our breath. Shallow breath creates shallow thoughts because it activates the fight or flight response where 80% of our blood leaves the forebrain. Deep breath activates the parasympathetic breath of relaxation and allowing. The breath unravels our nervous system, ego and relaxes our body to heal, integrate and expand our consciousness. When we are one with the breath, we are aligned with our highest qualities and characteristics, the breath is fully enlightened. The breath is life and love. “ We take back our power when we return to breathe and it will eventually lead us home” (Matt Kahn).

In summary, together the two techniques I’ve briefly described here facilitate an unstoppable process of evolution and involution for a full embodiment of spirit, soul and higher frequencies which eventually expands outward through our aura and into the world. The universe was created with sound, breath is life, everything in consciousness is a code.

*Atlas Balancing is also available for dogs, cats and horses. This work is not meant to replace the therapeutic work of the medical professionals, but is a support in re-awakening the self-healing capabilities in humans and animals.